La Pianista

La Pianista Indonesia

La Pianista is an independent music institution, which was formed at Surabaya, in the year of 2013, which specializes in the Piano.

La Pianista Taiwan

La Pianista held its first ever piano competition in Surabaya, partnering with a Taiwanese music institution. The two bonded an exclusive partnership since then, and formed the La Pianista Taiwan.

La Pianista Competition

Has a core mission to be a vessel for classical music lovers in Indonesia and to further discover their potential, especially in Piano skills. La Pianista held an annual national competition since 2014.

La Pianista Concert

In 2015, La Pianista held a concert at Surabaya and in 2016, will be holding a music concert by Prof. Yung-Jen Chen, an International-level pianist from Taiwan. This concert is the big finale and an encore to the series of concerts he had held in Taiwan.

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